I asked Maggie Lee some questions yesterday.

Is that all an interview is, asking someone questions? 
Would anyone else like me to ask them questions?
caylalockwood at gmail dot com


Are you beautiful?

lol can i just attach a picture here

 What are your dreams?
(I mean when you’re sleeping, not your life goals)

recently tried to write a short story based on a dream i had, but then got lazy with editing it, so its not done yet and i missed deadline to submit to where i was gna submit, lol.  it was like, i was in a car with a bf and then he was like i have a gun im gna kill u and i was like, i just didnt react really, and i was like ‘are u still my bf’, and then we tried to find somewhere to park so he could shoot me, he said he wasnt my bf anymore too.  how fucked up right

another one, i dreamt that my mom tried to force me to sit on a crab on a chair in an empty room, i had that dream when i was like 7, my tattoo idea came from that sort of lol

another one was like i was in a sewer and this girl in my high school class was down there and her dad was like sick and laying on a table, and i had to run around the sewer running into coins, like u would in a video game, and get them money to get him help, was weird, i’d never talked to that girl

one i had when i was little was like, my dad was in the bathtub with another man, and i was really upset because my dad isnt gay, i didnt tell anyone about that dream until recently lol, when i was little i thought it would upset my mom if i said anything about the dream

ive had other dreams too

Did you grow up yet?  If not, do you have an idea of when you will?

im a grownass woman, yea. i like, live somewhere thats not my parents’ house and i work and go to college (lol my parents pay for everything except my food basically…im so shitty trying to take credit for ‘being on my own’)
idgi otherwise, growing up, i think time is just, how do u decide when youre grown up? youre always growing up unless you die

Percentage-wise, how much do you think about the past/present/future?
(You can make a pie chart if you like)

i’d like to make a pie chart with like, different kinds of actual pie involved, i was thinking about doing it in paint or something, im too lazy
past: 30%
present: 20%
future: 50%

If you were to die tomorrow, would you be content with what you’ve done today?

looked at the word ‘content’ for a while, kept thinking it as like, the one where u stress the ‘con’ part, like content, stuff that makes something up, lol, whoops
i would be dead, is what i would be, really, but i hope that other people who would be like thinking about me, like ‘what was maggie doing right before she died’, would be content with thinking about how i was at classes all day doing nothing that i want to be doing, ha

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